Snails have… TEETH!!!!!

So… Night 2 of Apple Sauce’s rehab… she ate dinner! It was a small cube of red pepper. She was standing on it so I think “awww…so cute. she’s eating”. Then I come back a little over an hour later and the tiny pepper cube has like… SNAIL BITES in it… I think “ew… do snails have teeth???”

Awww, she’s eating! ❤ ❤ ❤
Wait a second… ARE THOSE BITE MARKS??

So, you know it, Google University strikes again…

…this is horrifying.


What acute little snail… that I can never look at the same again. Also… I believe she is a Cuban Brown Snail (Zachrysia provisoria… look, I can copy/paste!), which is an invasive species here in South Florida. Looks like Apple Sauce is staying a pet because… I can’t set her free with a clear conscience. It’s not like she’d really care. I’ll just put new stuff in her cage all of the time so she thinks she’s traveling. She enjoyed a red pepper today for fuck’s sake; she’s probably never eaten that well in her life.

I just checked on her, she’s sleeping (…I think). Update on her shell injury: the papery covering that I took pics of this AM seems to be one very thin layer thicker and is whitish clear.

Now that I know snails have nightmarish teeth… this meme makes some sense… I can now picture snails being evil. Thank you, internet. You ruined any innocence I may have had…




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