Rehab for a snail…

I have been requested by friends on Facebook to document the rehabilitation progress of an injured snail that I found yesterday. I named her Apple Sauce Bubble. I originally wanted to call her JUST Apple Sauce but I didn’t think anyone would understand (not like they would understand if I called the thing JUST “Bubble” either but shut up, that’s besides the point…). Ben told me that Apple Sauce was a fine name. So… her first name is Apple Sauce. Her middle name is Bubble.

Why Apple Sauce Bubble? Her shell looks like cinnamon apple sauce, which I’m kind of obsessed with. That’s why I don’t buy it… I eat a whole jar in 20 minutes. Why Bubble? Because she left a goo bubble on my hand the first time I picked her up.

Back to the most important topic: APPLE SAUCE’S REHAB!

I went to work yesterday and saw a cute little snail near the door of an apartment complex; I said “Good Morning, little snail”. On my way to the parking lot after work, the same little snail was upside down with a big SMUSH in her shell. I couldn’t leave her… I imagined her getting slowly eaten to death by red ants… AHHHHHH NO. So I put her in a cup. I brought her home and woke Ben up by showing him a snail in a cup. He groggily said “yes, honey, I’m glad you have a snail friend”. He was confused the rest of the day. 🙂


This is when I first found Apple Sauce. As you can see, her shell is pretty smushed
Another view of Apple Sauce’s injury

I went to Google University and graduated with a degree in Snail Rehabilitation. I went to the pet store and bought a little rehab facility and decorated it appropriately. I also added some Halloween themed decor for the snail’s entertainment.

I misted her with water and removed the broken bits of shell
This is her rehab facility
Another view of rehab facility

Then I found out she was a brat. I give her a perfect rehab facility to heal in and… she goes to the top of the facility.

Glad you’re having fun up there…
If you fall and break your shell more, I’M DONE, APPLE SAUCE, I’M DONE!

Day 2 Progress:
*thin layer covering the hole
*rehab facility stays nice and humid, perfect for keeping her moist
*she likes water squirts… LOL

I touched it a little… It’s not sticky… There is a bit of a papery covering over the injury
She likes this rock. Photo shoot time.
Apple Sauce hanging out in her rehab facility: Day 2.

Stay tuned…



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