Today, I ran away from home…

Yeah, at 31 years old. Don’t judge me. If you do, you’ll be judging excessively because… I run away excessively. Whatever makes you happy though, don’t let me tell you what to do. The house is just too overwhelming sometimes. 4 cats, a dog, a bearded dragon (ok, she doesn’t really contribute to the chaos so, to be fair, we’ll let her off of the hook). The dishes… can easily be considered the highest elevation in Florida at this point. The rest of the house… well… it’s almost as if 4 cats, a dog, 2 humans, and some random hell-bent ghosts spun around in 9283569 circles without giving a flying fuck what they hit or where it landed…

I’m thankful to have a roof over my head, although I can’t always pay my rent on time. I’m thankful for running water, indoor plumbing, and electricity (especially air conditioning) but sometimes… I have to run away from what I’m thankful for because my brain doesn’t always know how to equate gratitude to happiness and comfort. *Error- cannot compute*


So I went to my mom’s house and took silly dog videos and also watched some ants move a clump of a dead-something. It’s been about 3 hours. I think I’ll go home now. I’ve calmed down. Ben texted me and said that he put a dent in the mess, so that makes it all the worth while to return home- anything is better than what it was when I left. Hopefully Mt. Florida has magically disappeared, that’d be cool.





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